Opting for Legal Finance to Take Care of All Your Money Woes

Legal financing is essentially a cash advance on the future settlement or jury award you will receive. You are only eligible for it if you have filed a lawsuit (personal injury, wrongful termination, etc.) against a person or company, and you have a competent lawyer handling your case. A lot of people shy away from legal financing because […]

Where Can You Get Pre-Settlement Funding?

Pre-settlement funding is a finance service that gives plaintiffs an advance on their future settlement. It gives the plaintiff the benefit of having the financial resources he needs to pay for his expenses while awaiting the result of his case. Banks and traditional lenders do not offer this kind of funding or loan. That’s because they’re […]

Pre-Settlement Loans Case Study

Explaining the benefits of pre-settlement loans may be difficult because a lot of people already have pre-conceived notions about this type of financing. So let’s just go ahead and look at one example to help you understand that these loan options aren’t so bad after all. Mr. A. Collins was injured by a drunk driver while he […]

Pre-settlement loan: understanding the basics

The pre settlement loan period is the time after which a plaintiff has brought a claim, but it has not yet been executed or a judgement has not been issued. At this time, the legal claim is normally still pending. Legal researchers have found that claims normally remain at this stage for an average of about 297 […]