Lawsuit Funding

Come To Us for Lawsuit Funding When Others Turn You Down

Cases for personal injury claim settlements can continue for months and years. And in the entire period, you have to keep paying your personal injury attorney his fees and also continue with other regular expenses. There are many unfortunate people who lose their ability to work in an accident and their income source is stopped. We personally feel the tremendous agony and struggling times that the whole family has to go through with no job, no income but steady and rising expenses.

When all your savings get exhausted and there is no other means of sustenance available, there is no other alternate than seek lawsuit funding. Loan Query specializes in these kinds of loans. We know that you have come to us when you are in dire need to money and need the same at the earliest. We will help you in the best way possible so that you are relieved from the tensed situation to a considerable extent. If other financial companies and lenders have turned you down, you have come to the right place for lawsuit funding!

Come to us and lower your financial burdens

Making up your mind for taking up lawsuit funding was definitely not an easy task for you. We are sure that people might have told you various frightful stories about such loans and lending companies. But we are different from the rest. Your problem is our problem and we will sort it together.

Reach us by calling on our company phone number and talk to our employee for getting an appointment for consultation. You can also fill up the online form on our website and submit it. Our employee is sure to get in touch with you within 48 hours.

Once we meet, we will need to hear about your case, the present status of the same and the tentative time in which the judgment might come out. It will be great if we can talk with your lawyer directly as he will be able to brief about the case in a better manner.

There are some formalities that need to be completed before we can provide you with the necessary lawsuit funding. It usually does not take more than 2-3 days for the whole process to complete. Yes, we are that fast at Loan Query Financing Company!

Make repayments after you get the claim settlement

As a “lawsuit funding” company we understand that you will be constantly worried about making the loan repayment. But relax! You can start making repayments for the loan once you win the case and get your compensation claim sanctioned from the court. And for that if we have to wait for years, we will do the same. If you can wait, why canít we?

Best services at the most competitive rates

We know that before coming to us for lawsuit funding, you might have browsed through many other companies that provide similar funding. And now that you have come to us, you will not need to go anywhere else for your lawsuit loan. At Loan Query we offer highly personalized services to our customers to make them as comfortable and relaxed as possible. Compare the rates that we charge with other companies and we can challenge that our rates are the most competitive. We stand committed to you in your tough times and sincerely wish that the phase gets over at the earliest.